Where’s Duruxx? The Ouachita Mountains, Wolf Pen Gap Trails in Mena, AR

Featuring high mountain panoramas (the highest elevation is 1,500 feet), the 41-mile Wolf Pen Gap Trails leads the rider through stream crossings at Gap Creek and Board Camp Creek. Beautiful scenery continues through a forests of large pines and other indigenous trees before passing a distinctive 2-footed oak tree and an abandoned mine shaft. The Ouachita Mountains, which is where we visited and where you can find the Wolf Pen Gap Trails – near Mena, AR, run east to west through Arkansas and Oklahoma.  There are many excellent ATV and UTV trails for all skill levels through the scenic Ouachita Mountains. The trail loops are linked to for riders who want to adapt the length of their trips – make it a shorter ride or take the entire day and do a longer trek for the adrenaline junkie in you.

Like usual, it is important to stay on the gravel or unsurfaced ATV Trails, and by all means do not attempt to ride on trails that are not designated as “Open for ATV’s”. There are lots of hikers and bikers on the trails and only the marked OHV trails will accommodate your Duruxx vehicle!!

We recommended at least partially adhering by the guidelines of “Tread Lightly,” and you will greatly increase your enjoyment of the Ouachitas, as we did! But, not too lightly as it may hold you back from your adventure riding! Go explore on road and off!