Where’s Duruxx? Lake Murray State Park

Lake Murray is a beautiful lake in south central Oklahoma near the city of Ardmore. This hidden treasure is known for being part of the largest state park in Oklahoma and for its crystal clear spring-fed waters. It is nearly 200 miles away from Bixby, our hometown, so it takes over three hours to get there from where Duruxx lives – but well worth the trip!

Lake Murray State Park surrounds the entire lake and boasts many things to do.  One of the best and coolest features about the lake and the park is that Scenic Highway 77S runs all the way around it.  Take this scenic highway to visit all of the day-use parks, campgrounds, beaches and facilities that encompass the lake on all sides. There are lodges, floating cabins in the lake, hiking, biking, fishing, a nature center, and you guessed it – ATV//UTV trails for your adventurous side!

The ATV and motorcycle trails and campgrounds were our destination when we visited Lake Murray. They are located on the northwest end of the lake.  There is an awesome ten or so mile stretch of trails that is perfect for off-roading. We took our DRX2 out and had a blast while enjoying the crystal clear aquamarine-colored waters of the lake! The photos don’t do it justice!

A map of the trails is always a good idea to have wherever you off-road, but here you especially need to have one because some of the trails aren’t exceptionally well marked. There’s lots of sand trails to “play” on, and if you don’t like all the people, try not to go on the weekends when the trails can get crowded.

There are campgrounds near the trails for both RVs and tent camping.  If you want to spend the weekend (or longer) and enjoy some great rides right outside of your tent, this is a great location. Although there are campgrounds near the UTV trails, within Lake Murray State Park there are many camping areas to choose from, in addition to day use areas.

You will also find the Lake Murray Nature Center and Tucker Tower, a building erected in the 1930s that was originally built to house Oklahoma governors, but now is a museum. Not only will you learn a lot about Lake Murray and the surrounding nature areas, but you can climb to the top of Tucker Tower and look out over the entire lake. It is a magnificent view and a must-do for any visitor.



















For you boaters out there, the State Park has one marina on Lake Murray — Lake Murray Marina. The marina is large and has a ship store, boat rentals, boat ramp, and plenty of boat slips available for rent. Lake Murray is a pretty small lake at almost 6,000 surface acres. With over 150 miles of shoreline and plenty of surrounding park areas within Lake Murray State Park there is no shortage of places to explore. Adventure awaits!!