It’s Like Journey Said, “Don’t Stop Believin’”


One of the biggest reasons why we started Duruxx was because we wanted to put products out there that are not only customized to fit each owner’s personality and adventure style, but to also have superior quality with affordability. I know, no small task!! Our Chery engines were one way to make sure the quality and durability of our units were top-notch. These engines are powerful and last a long time!! We also have MANY more standard features added to each of our units, like a winch, hitch, soft top and FM radio/mp3 player – STANDARD! No one else on the market offers the extensive standard features like we do. And I am just going to say it – we are darn proud of that fact.

Our options for customization are much more robust than any of our competitors. We felt strongly about this too, because Lee and I would need to tinker with each unit we purchased in the past to make it our own… searching endlessly for the right part or accessory that personalized our unit. Now, we have made it easy for our customers to give their unit a unique personality. You can get a hard top, different grills, step plates, gun or fishing racks, a ton of different lighting options and rails. These are just a fraction of the upgrades and options we can offer for our owners. Options and upgrades were critically important to us – you build your own unique unit to fit the experience you are going for – then Duruxx can take you anywhere you want to go!!

It has been a long haul for us getting to where we are today. Years of planning and support from family, friends and professionals in the industry who have helped us through the process in big ways and small. Lee and I were just talking the other day about just how fortunate and blessed we are to have such a wonderful team of people surrounding us, and all of them are working to make Duruxx happen! Although the work can be daunting and we have made many sacrifices, it has been extremely rewarding watching Duruxx evolve and grow. Lee and I both know without a doubt we are right where we should be, doing what we should be doing, and loving every minute of it! We truly love what we are doing and we are super anxious and excited to reveal all our new and exciting things to come for Duruxx’s products.

The DRX2 and DX2 product lines launched in April of this year and our DRX4/DX4 are ready to be launched in just weeks. We hope you will enjoy your journey on one of our units as much as we enjoyed the journey of creating them! Ride on!!!!