Teeing Up To Support Our Community

On the green Web Newsv2Duruxx was honored to sponsor the Glenpool Local 2990 Firefighters Annual Golf Tournament at White Hawk Golf Club in Bixby, Oklahoma on Friday, April 1st. The Duruxx team – Team Up, US Auto, & the Glenpool Fire Dept – played a great game and it was a huge success!! 28 teams participated in the tournament, which is a huge turnout for the inaugural year of the event.

It is no secret that we love the outdoors. We are so thankful that we could get outside and enjoy a spring day out on the greens with our neighbors and friends in the community. It was also thrilling to have a few of our 4x4s available for display at the event, along with sponsoring the 18th hole of the course and one of the golf carts. It was the least we could do to support our local heroes!


At Duruxx, we feel it is crucial to supporting the local community in and around our corporate headquarters in Bixby, Oklahoma. This is one of the biggest reasons why we decided to become a major sponsor of the Glenpool Fire Department’s golf tournament. We especially like to thank US Auto, The Roller Brothers Mike & Shane, Dan Samara, Tom Buder, Lance Calmus, White Hawk Golf Course and the 28 other participating teams for their support of this important event. It was a blast (event though we spent a bit of time in the sand, in the woods and in the water on the golf course!)

The goals of this event were to raise money to educate kids and the community on fire safety, stimulate funding for the Local 2990 “Vial of Life” medical information in the community they serve, encourage the use of smoke detectors and increase public safety by having the latest fire safety technology. It is our hope that we have helped to accomplish all of these goals for Glenpool’s Fire Department.
We can’t wait for next year’s tournament!