Our Company

As tinkerers, technicians, engineers, enthusiasts and life-long users of UTVs, 4x4s, ATVs and all things “trail worthy,” we grew up dreaming of one day creating our own line of adventure vehicles. This dream became a reality in 2014 when we realized our customers needed a better product with more options and superior customer service. Duruxx was born.

Based in Bixby, Oklahoma, we come from a place that thrives on western adventure. We pride ourselves in creating a rugged, dependable, hardy, adaptable and tough all-terrain and utility terrain products that will go off road as well as on. This gives our customers limitless options on the trails, in the mountains or on a journey through the city. We take you anywhere you want to be.

Our Team

We aren’t afraid to say it: Our sales and technical specialists are awesome. We have a nationwide sales and marketing team that has over 200 years of combined experience in the industry. Our DTech specialists, with over 75 years combined experience, are available to answer any dealer technical and mechanical questions at dtechteam@duruxx.com. Duruxx partner organizations are the best-in-class and provide the most cutting edge technology so that your adventure riding is always exceptional.

*Please allow 48 hours response time.

What We Stand For

We come from a place where adventure meets diversity. Where trust is still valued and people still view their words and promises as bonds not to be broken. These principles guide us in the development of our products,  from the agreements with our dealers all the way through to the end purchasers.

We value the freedom to explore different areas of the world and believe that getting there should be at least half of the fun. It is our desire to ensure our products and the promises we impart to our customers live up to these ideals.