We Take You Anywhere

Rugged. Dependable. Versatile. Terrain tough with street smarts.
Duruxx 4x4s are the world’s premier UTV with proven durability, comfort, and design.
Where’s your next Duruxx adventure? From sandy beaches, to mountain trails, to the streets of your favorite city,
Duruxx 4x4s give you the freedom to go wherever you please whenever you please on-road or off-road.
Duruxx, We take you anywhere you want to be.
*Our units may be street legal in your state.

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Versatility At It's Best

Versatility At It’s Best

No other UTV can adapt to any terrain – including city streets – like a Duruxx side by side.

What We Stand For

Where adventure and diversity meet trust and dependability.

Models & Options

Models and Options

Best-in-class handling, engineering and durability separates our 4x4s from the typical.
Adventure awaits…